Contactless Reader/Writers

Contactless Reader/Writers

NFC technology may seem a beacon of wide-open potential for many businesses, promising countless new ways to interact with customers efficiently. Check-in and loyalty programs can be made more efficient with a tap-and-go NFC reader/writer. You can perform payments with a simple tap of a smartphone, and with mobile NFC reader/writers, data capture is easier more discreet than ever. Socket Mobile has a pair of products to help businesses leverage these new opportunities to their benefit. The DuraScan D600 for mobile deployments and the SocketScan S550 for stationary tap-and-go operations.


DuraScan D600 - NFC & RFID Contactless Reader/Writer

Contactless Reader/Writer Scanner

From $ 349.00
SocketScan S550 - NFC Mobile Wallet Reader

Contactless Reader/Writer

From $ 269.00