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DuraScan D700 - 1D Linear Screen Barcode Scanner - Refurbished

Product Description
$ 229.00 $ 299.00

Shopify, Square, Shopkeep and many more apps, include native support for Socket Mobile scanners.


The DuraScan D700 is linear Bluetooth® barcode scanner built for mobility and durability. It is IP54 compliant for dust and water resistanceand the long-lasting battery is field replaceable - ideal for warehousing and manufacturing application customers. The scanner is MFi certified and our Capture SDK enables native app support. The D700 is also fully compatible with Android and Windows with Capture SDK versions available. 

The D700 reads all linear 1D barcodes from paper and screen. It features great ergonomics and fits perfectly in your hand. It is designed for comfort and extended use; it is lightweight, highly durable and small enough to fit in your pocket. The D700 is fully backward compatible with prior versions of Socket Mobile’s SDK and can be used immediately with any application using native scanning support. To enjoy optimal reliability and performance from the D700 it is recommended that users check with their app provider to ensure they have upgraded to the latest version of Capture SDK. 

Refurbished product Includes:

  • D700 Barcode Scanner & Rechargeable, 2000mAh AA (LR6) NiMH (might not be current revision)
  • Charging Cable
  • Wrist Strap

    *90 Day Standard Limited Warranty - SocketCare Extended Warranty unavailable.