DuraSled Case (Apple)

For SocketScan and DuraSled 800 Series Readers

Product Description
$ 119.00

The DuraSled Case features rubberized material which increases drop protection and durability to both the Apple iPhones/iPods and the 800 Series scanner. It shields both devices from scratches and other damaging debris. Ideal for mobile workers who are looking to use a handheld device and a scanner.

(iPhone & Scanner sold separately)


  • Compatible with Apple® iPhone and iPods
  • Elastomeric case encloses & protects both Socket Mobile’s 800 Series barcode scanner and compatible devices
  • Integrates connectors from both devices for simultaneous battery charging

*Charging options not included.
DuraSled Case requires a charging option to charge your mobile device and 800 Series scanner simultaneously.

Learn more about our DuraSled Family charging options.

Note: Without one of the DuraSled Case charging options you will have to charge your mobile device and 800 Series separately.

Product SKU's

  • AC4092-1668- iPod touch 5th/6th/7th Gen
  • AC4155-1951- iPhone 6/7/8/SE 2020
  • AC4156-1952 - iPhone 6/7/8 Plus
  • AC4185-2171 - iPhone XR
  • AC4188-2174 - iPhone X/Xs
  • AC4190-2176 - iPhone Xs Max
  • AC4208-2529 - iPhone 11/XR
  • AC4210-2531 - iPhone 11 Pro
  • AC4212-2533 - iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • AC4228-2958 - iPhone 12 Mini
  • AC4227-2957 - iPhone 12 Pro
  • AC4229-2959 - iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • AC4254-3314 - iPhone 12/13/14 & 12/13/14 Pro