DuraSled Case (iPod Touch)

For SocketScan and DuraSled 800 Series Readers

Product Description
$ 119.00

Apple has DISCONTINUED the iPod touch and existing supplies are limited. Get your DuraSled or Durasled Case for iPod touch while supplies last.

The DuraSled Case features rubberized material which increases drop protection and durability to both the Apple iPods 6/7/8th Gen and the 800 Series scanner. It shields both devices from scratches and other damaging debris. Ideal for mobile workers who are looking to use a handheld device and a scanner.

(iPhone sold separately)


  • Compatible with Apple® iPod 6/7/8th Gen
  • Elastomeric case encloses & protects both Socket Mobile’s 800 Series barcode scanner and compatible devices
  • Integrates connectors from both devices for simultaneous battery charging

*Charging options not included.
DuraSled Case requires a charging option to charge your mobile device and 800 Series scanner simultaneously.

Learn more about our DuraSled Family charging options.

Note: Without one of the DuraSled Case charging options you will have to charge your mobile device and 800 Series separately.